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eli kintisch

@elikint. Science journalist.

How planets work, how we change them, and why that matters. Correspondent, Science magazine. Author, Hack The Planet, 2010. http://amzn.to/1np3M4I

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Screen shot 2017 06 02 at 5.03.15 pm article

video: IceWorld in flux

First of my Revealist videos on YouTube

F2.medium article

MELTDOWN: How algae, detritus, and meltwater is darken Greenland’

Crumbling icebergs used to dominate Greenland's mass loss. Now it's surface melt. Why?

Lauren reading card article

Glossy "Emergency Safety Card"

A goofy but scientifically accurate take on planetary engineering techniques to mitigate global warming.

Greenland 1 custom 0f9fc44ea4aea8ad6193492b38c32b7100a8c9b9 s1300 c85 article
National Public Radio

Climate Change Is Making Greenland Warmer, But Farmers There Are Struggling More Than Ever : The Salt : NPR

Climate Change Is Making Greenland Warmer, But Farm...

Screen shot 2016 11 17 at 9.16.51 pm article

Why Greenland's Norse died out

New clues about how the vikings survived climate change


Arctic Suprise: Shipworms Threaten Sunken Wrecks

Marine archeologists discover a new danger in the high north

Screen shot 2016 11 23 at 9.00.48 am article

Voyage To The Dark Side

An Arctic journey in the dead of winter reveals a panoply of unexpected life

Screen shot 2016 02 12 at 2.27.18 pm article

Mysterious Accelerating Landslides Haunt Alaska

Key pipeline threatened as permafrost thaws


History Is Melting | Hakai Magazine

History Is Melting | Hakai Magazine

03icecellar.adapt.1190.1 article
National Geographic

Key Arctic Ice Cellars Thawing

Food security at risk as coastal erosion strikes

Screen shot 2015 11 28 at 8.44.24 pm article

The Paths from Paris

I envisioned, wrote and produced a graphics package for Science's special climate issue

Francis article

Is the melting arctic making our weather extreme?

Jennifer Francis defends her controversial hypothesis in my lengthy profile.

Screen shot 2015 12 06 at 9.15.32 am article

Born to Rewild

A father and son have a bold plan to save the Arctic

3013 4110a1994471c595f7583ef1b74ba4cb article

The Quest to Understand—and Mimic—Nature's Trickiest Colors ...

A painter has invented a way to use iridescent colors to portray nature in her works.


Warm water BLOB invades the pacific

Scientists are flummoxed by massive warm water terrorizing ecosystems and reshuffling weather systems