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@elikint. Science journalist.

How planets work, how we change them, and why that matters. Correspondent, Science magazine. Author, Hack The Planet, 2010. http://amzn.to/1np3M4I

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What happens if one country decides to start geoengineering on its own?

Add this to your list of climate nightmare scenarios: In 2040, facing rising seas, the Qatari government starts polluting the stratosphere in order to cool the planet, precipitating an international crisis and possibly upsetting monsoon patterns. Freelance atmospheric modification may sound far-fetched, but the potboiler concept was on the agenda......


What will happen when geoengineering comes to Washington?

This piece arises from Future Tense, a collaboration among Arizona State University, the New America Foundation, and Slate. A Future Tense conference on geoengineering will be held at the New America Foundation on Monday, Sept. 27. (For more information, please visit the   NAF Web site.) Read more of  ......

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Can we test our geoengineering schemes before we have to use them?

The Copenhagen climate meeting was a big disappointment. Sen. Lindsey Graham now says the cap-and-trade bills "are going nowhere." So despite continued work toward cutting greenhouse emissions, we may see in the coming months a renewed interest in geoengineering—the deliberate, large-scale manipulation of the atmosphere—in an attempt to ward off......